Exercices de préparation au test TOEIC (Listening and reading)
Laurence Remacle

Espace d'échange pour les participants au concours Robotix's

Espace réservé aux étudiants ICT qui désirent participer au Cyber Security Challenge


Only students of Belgian Academic Institutions can join in the qualifiers and finals. Participants must be 18 years of age; if you or a member of your team has not reached that age, please contact us before registering. 

In order to participate in the finals, the team must include students that will obtain a professional Bachelor Degree or an academic Master Degree within 6 months of the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium's finals. 

Your team does not qualify for the finals but was part of the Top 10 teams in the Qualifiers round? We will not forget you, and you will receive something special to congratulate you on that performance.

Espace d'échange et de coordination pour l'équipe HEH-Campus Technique qui participera au Crazy Machine Challenge.